Mr. SOTH Sour
Chairman Of the Board of Directors

It takes part in the company from the Heads to take the strategic lead. It first needs to conduct and manage the Board Members toward progress and sustainability. It’s also able to manage credit and operational risks effectively and efficiently. As a Chairman of the Board of Directors, I stand on the principle of leadership advancement to be ready for the crisis that may occur and giving heed to the preparation of the company master plan, policies, and structure and maintaining the SOP of the Operation to have a standardized management system, purposing to build a more inspired connection between both National and International Investors and encourage staffs in all levels, and especially in term of considering our insight in reference to meet our customer expectation.

Mr. LEU Phearun
Member Of the Board of Directors

WE-TC Finance provides ideal financial solutions to its customer with significant progress. It keeps expanding gradually to different parts of Cambodia. This continued success is the result of trust in the service of our closet, local and International Investors, as well as the efforts of We-TC’s Leaders and members who are full of great potential, skills, talents, and experience in delivering fast, convenient and professional services to clients. As a member of the Board of Directors of We-TC, we strive to fulfill our mission of strengthening the quality of work standards and values in the industry to comply with the policy of pawnshop regulators and to maintain and provide a safe and high return on investment.

Mr. HENG Sarady
Member Of the Board of Directors

We-TC Cash Express is one of Cambodia’s leading pawnshops which has been providing financial services for over 6 years based on the principle of delivering fast, safe and reliable services to customers. Throughout these years, we are proud that all of us, as members and leaders at all levels, have worked really hard and overcome every obstacle to push the company to expand its branches in 6 distinct provinces achieving complete confidence and trust from customers along with national and international investors with an ability to allocate investment capital efficiently and responsibly. As a member of We-TC, I am confident that the implementation of We-TC strategic planning and business activities will continue to expand in accordance with the clear vision defined by the management in improving Cambodia’s economic sector.

“Our customer and investor success is our success!”

Mr. NGOUV Sengkak
Member Of the Board of Directors

I’m so delighted to join We-TC Finance Project as a member of the Board of Directors; the company that I call a We-TC Family which is registered and recognized by the Ministry of Commerce, Real Estate Business &Pawnshop Regulator and Successfully registered in the Tax Taxation Department. Since its start-up, the company has proved to be a well-known pawnshop in our surrounding community with the support & trust of all the customers and other Business Corporates. They keep supporting the business as the licensed Pawn Shop by reason of the service providing fast assessment, easy to convert collateral into cash or the source of Finding Quick Cash; proposing to solve any financial needs at a time of inquiry. To all of you, every one of our customers, including our future corporate, It’s assumed that this pawnshop could be your place to find the financial convert for those who need quick collateral coverts, altogether it’s intimately secure for those who are looking to invest.

“We-TC Finance Project is open within your reach.”

Mr. HAI Veha
Member Of the Board of Directors

Going alongside with We-TC Finance Project, I see the company’s growth stage through the satisfaction support from our customers. The dedication of our Directors, management, and staff as important as the customers are the greatest points of the models in pawnshop markets around Cambodia.
As a member of the Board of Directors, I’m excited to keep my efforts to improve the company’s effectiveness for our valued corporate investors and customers.

Mr. PUM Bunthen

It’s pleasing for me to be one of the Board Members since the company startup. We-TC Finance run complied with Standards and legal and that’s the core value mainly to make the company reach the marketplace and grow at all times. I, represent as a Company Lawyer, principally get involved in the protection, law consulting and maintaining professional documents, rulings, and regulations for any company legal matters including the contract with the Investors, customers’ court case as well as all the necessary document that requirement assurance from the lawyer to ensure our progress clarified.



I have been a financial investor with We-TC since its founding in 2015 and have always been impressed by the openness, honesty & integrity of its Board. I was extremely proud to be asked recently to become a member of the Advisory Board & I hope that my own business background will be useful to the company & its future growth. I will be working alongside people of high standards & integrity & I hope to bring those same high standards to my role.

Mr. Perry SETH Overkamp

It’s an honor to be part of the We-TC Cash Express Company as an Advisory Board member. The success of the Company in the last 7 years, has shown that Cambodia has many opportunities in many fields from which the local people can benefit. With great pleasure, I will do my part as an Advisor to ensure the Company will thrive in the future as well! Everyone has worked hard, challenging every little step to build the company to become what it is today and that’s a success for everybody!

Mr. CHHUON Damra

Since I joined as one of the Advisory Board Members of the We-TC Group, I sincerely recognized that the We-TC Family was committed to achieving the intended progress by working together with the involvement of every part of the Company. From Top Management to staff of all business entities our goal is to serve and be strongly supportive in order to achieve a leading position among Nonbanking Financial Institutions (NBFI). Last but not least, We-TC Finance could be one of the most innovative and cooperative partners representing this business to our people. Being a licensed business, which runs operations within the Legal and regulatory framework they provide accurate and outstanding information and results. Me, as part of the Board, I’d like to continue my journey with them along with my support and I look forward to a fruitful relationship with the aim of pursuing business growth, effectively and efficiently in the future.

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