Meet Our Founders & Co-Founders

Mr. Sour SOTH

Mr. SOTH Sour is a passionate person, beginning with experience as a founder & managing director of an NGOs that has brought him to the ladder stage, and by his study and he has met an enthusiastic group of friends; leaning on to become more of the financial success, so that the file push him on the top and looking at the community with a strong ambition to introduce the PAWNSHOP INDUSTRIES to his community in Cambodia, now the start-up has made him achieved and continue to be more victorious.
  • Currently a Chairman of the Board of Directors in We-TC Group
  • Currently the Board of Direct of New Hope Cambodia
  • Currently the owner and founder of Bakong My Village – Community-Based Tourism
  • Years in Hotel Industry as Management and owner
  • 3 years as Managing Director
  • 3 years in MBA in General Management
  • 2 years in BBA of Art and Foreign Language
  • Course and Others
  • Extreme Level and significant training course of Professional Development in Cambodia – Thailand – Japan – Australia
  • Computer and Network Skills
  • Use 4 Languages including Khmer Tongue – English – Japanese – Thai Language
  • Favor in Public Relations – Team Discussion – Joining Public Events and Social Events – Investment favor and Interaction, both national and International.

Mr. PENN Issy

After about 20 years of career experience as well as in Serving various fields, including trade, the year of 2011, he moved to Cambodia to start a volunteer and set up an NGO for several years, after he met the Cambodian enthusiast and he later joined as one of the Co-founders of We-TC Group, Finance Project and continued until the company growth stage in beyond.
  • Currently a CO-Founder & Member of BOD of We-TC Group
  • NGO Volunteer & Philanthropy in Cambodia
  • Semi-Retired Director of Companies, Business Consultant Forensic Consultant Accounting
  • Appointed as a CEO of Argan Australia Pty Ltd &Precious Metals Pty Ltd.
  • Founder & Managing Director of The Institute of Child Development Pty Ltd.
  • Employed as a General Manager &Director of The Everton Finance Group
  • Incorporating System For Education Pty Ltd.
  • Appointed as an ACC &Admin of Encyclopedia Britannica (RSA) Pty Ltd.
  • Registered as a Public Accountant and Auditor by The South African Accountants and Auditors Board and Transvaal Society of Accountants | 1962
  • Favor in Public Relations – Traveling Abroad – Community Works.

Mr.LEU Phearun

He has built a career delivering achievement in various positions; from a small start through monitoring and Managing Director. The action of admitting has proven him to another stage, inspiring him to be one of the business people. About 4 years later, he decided to join We-TC Group as one of the co-founders of the Finance Project and later transfer to be the CEO of We-TC Real Estate as one of our Business groups.
  • Currently a member of the Board of Directors of We-TC Group
  • CEO of We-TC Real Estate Presently
  • 2 years as a Branch Manager at Credit Mutual Kampuchea (CMK)
  • 1 Year as a Credit Assistant & Debt Recovery at Credit Mutual Kampuchea (CMK)
  • 1 Year as a Loan Officer at Credit Mutuel Kampuchea (CMK)
  • 2 years as Ratio MC at FM 98.5Mhz
  • 3 Years MBA in General Management at Build Bright University
  • 4 Years BBA in Banking & Finance at Royal University of Law and Economics
  • Training Courses and Professional Developments – Professional Office
  • Management – Effective Financial Training – Lending Mythologies
  • Computer and Network Skills
  • Use 2 Languages including Khmer Tongue – English
  • Favor in Public Relations – Team Discussion

Mr.HAI Veha

He has worked in different career fields and also trained his career in various management positions to become a business person. With a strong determination, he was motivated to join the We-TC Group as Co-founder, later to be the project CEO, and play the key initiatives of leading various roles and responsibilities of the company in order to make the company successful, grow, and continue to expand.
  • Currently a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at We-TC Finance
  • 2 years as an Operation Manager at the International School of Siem Reap
  • 2 years as a Branch Manager at Pachem Dental Clinic
  • 1 year as an Office Manager at Life and Hope Association (LHA)
  • 1-year volunteering as an Office Service in charge of Researching and Publishing at BBU
  • 1 Year as an Interviewing Officer at the Economic Institute of Cambodia
  • A Few years as an English Teacher at Wat Damnak English Language School
  • Interview Officer at Economic Institute Cambodia
  • Interview officer at Economic Census of Cambodia, a Government Sector.
  • BBA of Finance and Accounting
  • MBA of General Business Management at BBU
  • Extreme Level and diverse training Courses and Professional Developments in Statistic – SPSS – Researching Methodology at BBU
  • Computer Repair at Computer Specialty Center
  • Microsoft Windows at ABC Computer School
  • Effective Role of Administration in the organization, attitude Center for the education in Phnom Penh.
  • Favor in Public Relations – Team Discussion – Joining Public Event – Social Interaction – Investment favor and Interaction.

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